Sama Sama 2011 (July 1 – 4, 2011)

From Sama Sama 2011

This year Maharlika Martial Arts was represented by SIX different training groups:

  • Vedo and Alfred A. (NOVA Sayoc)
  • Ervin Q. (IMPACT Athletes)
  • Warren D. (Western NY Sayoc)
  • Lem T. (Takoma Park Sayoc)
  • Mosi J. (Washington DC Sayoc)
  • Joe C. and Chris R. (Towson MD Sayoc)

In addition, David D. attended his first Sama Sama, testing for Apprentice Instructor. David barely survived the blade toss/quick draw examination but stepped it up a notch during the one-on-one sparring, surprising everyone with his “aggression”. :)

Our training brother, Guro Joe Maraña, posted a nice review of Sama Sama and talked about what it means to be a part of the Sayoc family on his Inland Empire Filipino Martial Arts blog. Check it out!

Remember to save the date for SAMA SAMA 2012!!!


Sama Sama 2010 (July 2 – 5, 2010)

sama sama 2010

L to R: Ervin, Miguel, Mosi, Bob, Tuhon Tom, Shawn, Joe, Warren and Mike.

The weather was perfect up in the Poconos for Sama Sama this year. Maryland was represented by Joe C. and Mosi, Northern Virginia by Vedo and Alfred, Virginia Beach by Ervin and Mike D., and Western New York by Warren.

As always, it was great reuniting with old friends. Shawn G. and Chuck and Kara returned to Sama Sama after a long absence. Bob B. was back in his traditional role as videographer. Joe M. and J.P. were there along with many others.

The training included basic curriculum as well as sessions featuring Tuhon Tom Kier (tactical holstering/drawing and family dynamics) and Tuhon Carl Atienza (using the bolo sheath as a weapon). Saturday night included a sayaw and midnight tracking/navigation session.

I hope that everyone had a good time and made some new friends!


AK Sama Sama 2010 (Mar 12 – 14, 2010)

The first Atiena Kali Sama Sama was held this weekend up in the Poconos, covering AK sword, knife, stick and more. Highlights included the AK Gauntlet (running, climbing, shooting, archery, machete and knife throwing, and mass attack) and the Combat Archery competitions.

Mike Q. attended as did Guro Ervin Quintin and Simo Eloy Quintin from Virginia Beach. We all had such a good time that we hardly noticed all of the wind and rain. ;)


Sama Sama 2009 (July 3 – 6, 2009)

We had a great turnout from Maharlika Martial Arts this year! Guro Lem, and Kapatids Joe and Miguel underwent recertification and testing. Mosi, Aaron and William attended Sama Sama for the first time.

I heard a lot of compliments from different instructors about how well the Maryland crew performed in the stick fights. Aaron, in particular, was a monster in his late night, no armor stickfight, ultimately submitting his opponent with a rear naked choke!

New rankings are as follows:

  • Bob Shin – Full Instructor Level 1
  • Lem Tasin – Associate Instructor Level 3
  • Miguel Acevedo – Apprentice Instructor Level 3
  • Joe Cypressi – Apprentice Instructor Level 3

Congratulations everyone, and I hope to see everyone next year at Sama Sama 2010!


Sama Sama 2007 (June 30 – July 2, 2007)

It was an especially memorable Sama Sama this year, with two Ascension ceremonies – one elevating Tuhon Chris Sayoc to PAMANA (inheritor) TUHON, the other recognizing the advancement of the Atienza brothers to Tuhon. The wives of the Tuhons were also recognized with the title of Silak.

I was proud to see Guro Lem, Joe C. Jay M., and Dylan M. represent our group so well. I hope that even more of us will attend Sama Sama 2008!

Eight additional 36 count knife drills were introduced, bringing the total number of knife drills to 10. There were melees and one-on-one battles as well as whip training and quick-draws. It was great getting together with the extended Sayoc family, including our brothers and sisters from all over the US and from Europe as well.

And one final announcement: from now on what we do will be simply called “Sayoc” instead of “Sayoc Kali”. We hope that this will allow us to keep doing what we are doing without having other people try to define for us what “kali” should or should not be.


Sama Sama 2006 (June 30 – July 3, 2006)

I just got back from Sama Sama, Sayoc Kali’s annual gathering. This year was 3 days of non-stop training in Kissimmee, FL. Lem T., Miguel A., and Jay M. (who recently moved to Tennessee) were there along with over a hundred other Sayoc Kali instructors and students from all over the US and Europe.

Lem, Miguel, and Jay all tested for rank but, more importantly, they represented. I was happy to recommend them for promotion, and I was proud to see them acquit themselves so well in the face of intense sun, heat, and tough testing.

Next year, I hope that we’ll have an even bigger turnout from Maryland. It’s never to early to block out that first weekend in July … p.s. Happy Independence Day!