Sama Sama 2010 (July 2 – 5, 2010)

sama sama 2010

L to R: Ervin, Miguel, Mosi, Bob, Tuhon Tom, Shawn, Joe, Warren and Mike.

The weather was perfect up in the Poconos for Sama Sama this year. Maryland was represented by Joe C. and Mosi, Northern Virginia by Vedo and Alfred, Virginia Beach by Ervin and Mike D., and Western New York by Warren.

As always, it was great reuniting with old friends. Shawn G. and Chuck and Kara returned to Sama Sama after a long absence. Bob B. was back in his traditional role as videographer. Joe M. and J.P. were there along with many others.

The training included basic curriculum as well as sessions featuring Tuhon Tom Kier (tactical holstering/drawing and family dynamics) and Tuhon Carl Atienza (using the bolo sheath as a weapon). Saturday night included a sayaw and midnight tracking/navigation session.

I hope that everyone had a good time and made some new friends!


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