Sama Sama 2013 Instructor Listing Update

New Sayoc instructor rankings have been released. Congratulations to all associate instructors and apprentice instructors who were promoted!

Current associate instructors:

  • Joe M. (associate instructor 5)
  • Lem (associate instructor 4)
  • Vedo (associate instructor 2)
  • Joe C. (associate instructor 1)

Current apprentice instructors:

  • Ervin (apprentice instructor 4)
  • Warren (apprentice instructor 2)
  • Mosi (apprentice instructor 2)
  • Mike D. (apprentice instructor 2)
  • David D. (apprentice instructor 2)

Class Notes – July 2, 2013

Guro Lem instructing:

Attendance: Jon, Brandon, Robert E., Lem, David, Asim, and Ryan

Notes:David taught Jon and Brandon. His notes will follow. I had the rest of the guys perform 3 of 9 w/tapping. We also worked on pendulum and corkscrew tapping. Discussed the differences between the two.
Also, Asim and Ryan worked in some funnel taps. After warm-ups, we would tap to get to the left side of the attack (Feeder’s right side) and then used the left hand as a c-clamp or posted with the right forearm. Later, we simulated a hold up with a knife near the door and hand rail and one of the guys had to get past the the person with the knife using what we had just practiced. Good training!
Later, Ryan and Asim practiced transitional drills 1 through 7.

More Class Notes – October 16, 2012

Notes on Pamana Tuhon’s visit from David D. …

Kali Footwork Strategy: introduction and overview

Strategic Angles: their purpose.
The concept behind Sayoc Kali footwork is based on Newton’s Third Law (Brightstorm, 2012). The law of motion tells us that walking is controlled falling. In other words, when we walk our brain tells the legs to function as a tripod which keep us from falling; thus we regain our uprightness. We combine edge weapon technology with this law in order to gain a strategic advantage over the receiver. For instance, we in essence are the third leg of the tripod. Our objective is to cut off the receiver’s footwork mobility and exploit vulnerabilities in the receiver’s balance, forcing the receiver to become unstable when we perform a leg sweep. Our footwork, thus becomes the receiver’s compensation step.

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Class Notes – October 2, 2012

David D. ran class while I was stuck in Newark, NJ. As usual, he provided very interesting and detailed notes afterward …

Instructor: David D.
Attendance: Bryant, Dan K., Asim, Brian, Alex, and Rob.


Tuesday we explored fighting strategies that offered approaches for target acquisition. Two concepts were explored to achieve the objective of hitting the target; they were sleight of hand and hubud.

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Class Notes – July 3, 2012

Guro Lem and Kapatids Joe and David taught class while I was out of the country …

Attendees: Joe C, Ann, Alex, Lem, David, Ryan, Phillip (new)

We started with reviewing TD 1 and later taught silak moves to TD 1. After a few rounds, we introduced a mass attack scenario utilizing silak techniques used in TD 1.

Joe taught majority of the class and David explained what ‘modifiers’ are and why we use them.

Good Class!