Sama Sama 2009 (July 3 – 6, 2009)

We had a great turnout from Maharlika Martial Arts this year! Guro Lem, and Kapatids Joe and Miguel underwent recertification and testing. Mosi, Aaron and William attended Sama Sama for the first time.

I heard a lot of compliments from different instructors about how well the Maryland crew performed in the stick fights. Aaron, in particular, was a monster in his late night, no armor stickfight, ultimately submitting his opponent with a rear naked choke!

New rankings are as follows:

  • Bob Shin – Full Instructor Level 1
  • Lem Tasin – Associate Instructor Level 3
  • Miguel Acevedo – Apprentice Instructor Level 3
  • Joe Cypressi – Apprentice Instructor Level 3

Congratulations everyone, and I hope to see everyone next year at Sama Sama 2010!


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