Atienza Kali Seminar – October 20, 2012

L to R: Bob S., Tuhon Carl Atienza, Chris R., Lem T., Ryan M.

We started out with the Atienza Kali Bolo Evolution 1 drill, then worked on the bolo and knife material.

1. Load blade (LH) then projectile.
3. Load blade (LH) thrust kidney/armpit.
5. Thrust heart (LH).
7. Thrust throat, jam with forearm (LH). Hubud (RH).
9. Parry heart thrust (LH) into snake lock. Arcing thrust (RH) to carotid hack.

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Atienza Kali Seminar – Sept 25, 2010

In attendance: Bob, Joe, Adam L., Chris R., Chris M. and Asim.

Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne introduced us to the AK single knife evolution and its empty hand variations. We started out with double blades, then transitioned to the empty hand techniques as opposed to the other way around. Tuhon Carl also demonstrated some of the kicking techniques that are used with the hand strikes. Great stuff!


Asian Festival Demo – Aug 1, 2010

Kapatid Miguel “Vedo” Acevedo put together a group demonstration for the 7th Annual Asian Festival in Reston, VA. Each year, the Asian Festival highlights a different culture; this year showcased the Philippines! Here is Vedo’s report …

Greetings :-) Vedo Bows ;^)

from left to right: Alfred Aquino, Ted (Theodore Kunszt), Mosi Jack, Rick Vargas, Peter Thornton, Francisco, myself (Vedo), Miguel II, Josh (Josrique Garcia)

Demo started with an intro of Sayoc by Josh.

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Western NY Seminar – May 15, 2010

Warren D. used to train with us here in Maryland, but moved to Western NY a few years ago. He has set up a training group in Western NY and invited me up to give a seminar for his students. It was a fun trip, and I enjoyed my first “beef on weck” sandwich …

Guro Bob Shin facilitated a six-hour Sayoc Kali seminar just outside of Buffalo, NY.  It was attended by eight people, with experience ranging from several years to none at all.  Several of the general principles of Sayoc Kali were addressed, including feeder/receiver mindsets, proper training etiquette, the concept of ‘all blade all the time’, and general blade handling techniques.

Thanks for inviting me up, Warren!


Atienza Kali Seminar – Oct 24, 2009

In attendance: Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne Atienza, Bob, Miguel, Mosi, Paul, Sam, the other David, Rick V., Mike, Chris, Ervin and Eloy.

Tuhon Carl introduced us to AK mass attack using both long blade and knife. We drilled a variety of isolations, then applied them in two-on-one, three-on-one, and eventually six-on-one. We also reviewed and analyzed footage of real-life mass attack scenarios.

Thanks to all who attended, especially Ervin and Eloy who drove up from Virginia Beach, Paul who allowed us to use his family’s farm, and of course Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne Atienza!


I.M.P.A.C.T. Seminar – Aug 29, 2009

Guro Ervin Quintin set up a Sayoc training group in Virginia Beach, and invited me down to give a seminar. He has a great group of students, and we had a lot of fun.

Here is a list of material we covered:

* Blade protocols* 3 of 9 template* Cross tapping* 3 of 9 knife tapping; with and without second knife* Left defeats Right* True Left* Addressing receiver grabs knife with both hands. Feeder counters.* Left hand isolation; palusot* 3 of 10 template; smoking knife* Transition Drill 1* Non linear attacks discussion* Receiver grips* Multi-person stacking* Initial countering to strips using cross tapping drill, then counter again* Hoagie control