More Class Notes – October 16, 2012

Notes on Pamana Tuhon’s visit from David D. …

Kali Footwork Strategy: introduction and overview

Strategic Angles: their purpose.
The concept behind Sayoc Kali footwork is based on Newton’s Third Law (Brightstorm, 2012). The law of motion tells us that walking is controlled falling. In other words, when we walk our brain tells the legs to function as a tripod which keep us from falling; thus we regain our uprightness. We combine edge weapon technology with this law in order to gain a strategic advantage over the receiver. For instance, we in essence are the third leg of the tripod. Our objective is to cut off the receiver’s footwork mobility and exploit vulnerabilities in the receiver’s balance, forcing the receiver to become unstable when we perform a leg sweep. Our footwork, thus becomes the receiver’s compensation step.

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Class Notes – October 16, 2012


Special guest Pamana Tuhon Sayoc teaching Guard 5 material.

In attendance: Guros Lem and Joe C., Kapatid David D., Chris R., Brian, Asim, Alex and Ann.

(1) The class warmed up with tapping and passing. If you miss one, you use the other.

(2) Counter jab-cross-kick with pass-pass-low pass.
– Then drop foot and kick foot before opponent can plant/anchor.
– Then snap kick groin.
– Then kick opposite leg.

(3) Enter with triangle footwork, facing forward.
– Step on foot then immediately kick ankle, inside or outside.

(4) Enter with triangle footwork, facing backward.
– Enter between feet (step or skip-step), displacing one leg.
– Then turn 90 degrees and step forward, posting and collapsing other leg.
– Then turn 90 degrees and step forward, displacing leg.