Class – September 2017 – 3 of 9 Variations and Receiver Hit-sets

Instructing: Guro Joe C. and Guro Lem

Attending: Brian, Ryan, and Dan


We went through the 3 of 9 template right and left hand. Worked with changing the sequences and alternating left and right hands template. Drilled odds and evens on one side and switched. We worked through left defeats right. Reviewed true left and true right. Worked on Receiver hit-sets. Modifiers: panuntukan to each count. Receiver hit-set 2-count isolations.


Class Notes – May 10, 2016 – Sayoc, 3 of 9 Template

Instructing: Guro Lem

Attendance: Lance, Sid, Brian, Asim, and Ryan


Tonight’s class we worked on reviewing battang tuhon 3 of 9 template. Most of the class were senior students so we also went over some teaching methodologies from Sayoc. We started going over the right hand template. Discussed about how to give constructive feedback when correcting technique. Discussed about the different responses within the drill: reflexive, conditioned, and correct responses. Then, we reviewed Receiver’s side cross-tapping. After the review, we made two lines to get drilling reps with everyone in the group. The group really liked that exercise and suggested we try it with transitional drills in the future too. Lastly, we went over left defeats right template.


Class notes- Jan. 28th 2014

Guro Joe C. instructing Attendance: Robert, Dan, Brian, Ryan, Alex, Ann, Asim

We reviewed 3 of 9 left defeats right with forward pressure and then applied this idea to 3 of 9 tapping.  We focused on forward pressure from the feeder and tight seams from the receiver.  We then added two blades to the receiver in forward grip and focused on not cutting yourself in the transitions.  This furthered the idea of tightening the seams. Class ended with free flow.


Class Notes- Jan. 14th 2014

Guros Joe M. and Joe C. instructing, Attendance: Brian, Ryan, Robert, and Dan

We continued installing 3 of 9 Left Defeats Right and added some structured intensity.  We focused on maintaining proper range and taking the feeders ground with each counter instead of retreating or trying to make too much space.  We also tried having the receiver (or feeder 2) starting the drill from the draw and drawing in reverse grip.