Class Notes – Oct 5/Oct 12/Oct 19, 2010

In attendance (October 5): Roderick, Joe, David, Michael, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Bryant, Frank, Will, Bob, Lem and Kashif.
In attendance (October 12): Roderick, David, Devlin, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Ryan, Will, Bob, Lem, Tavon and Kashif.
In attendance (October 19): David, Michael, Mosi, Brian, Ryan, Bryant, Frank, Will, Bob, Tavin and Kashif.

These three classes were spent installing the Atienza Kali knife vs knife (empty hand) evolution, which adds eye jabs, throat jabs, slaps and elbows to basic blade tapping and checking. The more advanced students also worked on the Atienza Kali bolo evolution.


Atienza Kali Seminar – Sept 25, 2010

In attendance: Bob, Joe, Adam L., Chris R., Chris M. and Asim.

Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne introduced us to the AK single knife evolution and its empty hand variations. We started out with double blades, then transitioned to the empty hand techniques as opposed to the other way around. Tuhon Carl also demonstrated some of the kicking techniques that are used with the hand strikes. Great stuff!


Class Notes – May 25, 2010

I almost forgot my anniversary this year! Luckily, Aaron stepped up and took over the class in my absence.

Attendees: Ryan, Brian, Frank & Aaron

First part of the class we worked triangle/hourglass footwork with and without striking & short blades. The remainder of the class was free flow. Frank and I worked with Ryan and Brain each during this time. We practiced single/double blade, drawing, striping, some panuntukan, grappling, footwork and “what if” scenario’s. Fun, fun, fun!

Oh, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! from everyone who attended class tonight!


Thanks Aaron!!!


Class Notes – August 18, 2009

Joe C. ran class this evening.

Class went well:Attendance: Joe instructing, Aaron, Frank, William, and prospective student Brian.We warmed up with the usual. push up sets went to 20 and we kept it going in pretty rapid succession with no rest so it only took about 8 mins at the beginning of class. Pull ups after class as well. I didn’t keep track of the numbers this week except for William who did 20 in close grip palms in(all the way down).Aaron then led a review of Tuhon Raf’s material that I missed last week and we drilled that entry option on a thai pad. Then Frank, Aaron and William reviewed the 3 of 9 feeder locks that Guro Harley Elmore showed last week while I took Brian through the beginnings of protocol and 3 of 9. We covered the first 3 of 3of9 tapping and reconvened with the rest of the class to drill it with different partners. The more advanced students worked off the cross draw and pushed the receivers in terms of time and speed.We ended with the aforementioned pull ups.