4th of July Inner Harbor Stabbing

My family and I went down to the Inner Harbor to watch the fireworks on the 4th. As the crowd shuffled off of Pier 6 after the show, we walked past a man lying on the ground bleeding from his neck just outside of McCormick & Schmick’s. (I was carrying my youngest child, with the other two beside me.) First responders were trying to apply pressure to the man’s wound, but it took a while before paramedics and an ambulance could work their way through the crowd. They had started chest compressions as they loaded the man into the ambulance.

26-year-old Joseph Calo had been visiting Baltimore from Alabama when he and his brother became involved in a shoving match with a group of other men, including 32-year-old Marcus Harris. The fight was broken up at first, but Calo and Marcus apparently “re-engaged” each other later on. Calo was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle and died after being taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

It was a disturbing end to my family’s 4th of July celebration, less than 24 hours after I returned from Sama Sama, but it served as a reminder that violence can erupt anywhere and anytime. All the more reason for an “all blade, all the time” mentality, paired with training in mass attack and improvised weapons concepts …


Four men stabbed in Baltimore nightclub

Four men were stabbed, one fatally, inside the Bourbon Street nightclub in downtown Baltimore last Friday night during a combination of two events: “Ladies’ Night” and “Zombie Strippers and Beer”.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the chaotic scene was made even more gruesome, “by the copious amounts of fake blood that were brought in for the zombie event.”

According to the Investigative Voice, the fatally wounded man was found by a stairwell with multiple stab wounds to his leg and might have died from massive blood loss from a severed femoral artery.


Edgewater man attacks police officers with sword

Not an April Fool’s joke …

Michael Beach, age 44, charged a sheriff’s deputy with a sword, when the officer attempted to serve a protective order filed by Beach’s mother. The deputy suffered a rib fracture as he evaded the attack, but was otherwise uninjured.

Beach was eventually arrested after tactical officers used “a chemical agent”, beanbag rounds and, finally, a Taser to subdue him after an 8-hour standoff. Beach was taken to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center with a reportedly self-inflicted wound to his chest.


Four killed in NY stabbing spree

Maksim Gelman, 23, killed four and injured multiple others on a multi-day rampage in which he stabbed three people to death and ran over a fourth person in a hit-and-run homicide.

After four auto thefts, two carjackings, and an overnight manhunt, he was finally tackled by Joseph Lozito, a mixed martial arts enthusiast, on a Times Square subway car. Before Gelman was subdued, Lozito was cut four times on the head, once over his left eye, and was slashed across a “tribal tattoo” on his left arm. One wound on the back of his head required almost 40 stitches and staples.