Class – April 4, 2017 – Sayoc Stick Grappling

Instructors: Guro Joe C and Guro Lem

Attendees: Dan, Brian, and Ryan


We continued with the stick grappling techniques from last week. These techniques are from Tuhon Tom’s stick grapping instructions in the past. We reviewed the stand up body lock to chokes with the stick. We went through some front head locks to guillotine chokes. Next, we transitioned from the side body lock to head and arm throw or to the neck crush. And also, we worked on some over-under clinch techniques to finishes.

We got some good reps drilling these sequences. We made them lightly free-flow through the locks from the side body clinch. From there, we had the Receiver’s give some reaction to which the Feeder’s had to move into the correct lock or choke or throw.

Next stick class we will review take downs with finishes. Also, maybe we will learn how to initiate a response to get entry.


Feb 7, 2017 – Class Notes – Sayoc Stick C-template

Instructing: Guro Joe C and Guro Lem

Attendance: Dan, Brian, Ryan, Shane, and Mike (Ryan’s out of town family)


We reviewed Sayoc stick C-template. We worked both feeder and receiver side. We did some cardio while practicing the template by running up and down the room as we were performing the 12 counts. Later, we worked on count 3 for entry into grappling. From there we ran through some stand up chokes with the stick.


Class Notes – May 3, 2016 – AK Deflections & Sayoc Stick Template

Instructing: Guro Lem

Attendance: Sid, Lance, Dan, Brian, Alex, Asim, and Ryan


Started class off with Atienza Kali’s tip-up and tip-down deflections from sword evo. After getting a few reps, we changed direction and worked on Sayoc stick C-template material since not everyone had aluminum trainers.  We went over the stick template first. Each one of us paired up and worked on Feeding the 12-counts as their partner was standing in scarecrow. After running through the Feeder’s side, we worked on learning the Receiver counters.


Class Notes – July 19, 2011

In attendance: Joe C., David D., Tyus, Brian, Colin, Asim and Bob.

We reviewed transition drills, then continued with Tuhon Tom’s stickfighting curriculum. Starting from the cross body lock, we reviewed the triangle choke and the “pez dispenser”. Working from the over under position, we covered the triceps lock and the triangle choke.


Class Notes – July 12, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

In attendance: Joe C., David D., Tyus, Mosi, Brian, Colin, Asim, Ryan, Bryant, Bob and two prospective students.

Class began with transition drills and some of the drills covered at Sama Sama (e.g. Tuhon Ray’s drill). We also began working on Tuhon Tom’s stickgrappling material. Colin helped the prospective students install 3 of 9.


AK Sama Sama 2010 (Mar 12 – 14, 2010)

The first Atiena Kali Sama Sama was held this weekend up in the Poconos, covering AK sword, knife, stick and more. Highlights included the AK Gauntlet (running, climbing, shooting, archery, machete and knife throwing, and mass attack) and the Combat Archery competitions.

Mike Q. attended as did Guro Ervin Quintin and Simo Eloy Quintin from Virginia Beach. We all had such a good time that we hardly noticed all of the wind and rain. ;)