Bob Shin

bob shinGuro “Dr. Bob” began training in Sayoc as a member of the original Butohan in Upper Darby, PA. He has been teaching Sayoc in Columbia since moving to Maryland in 2002. He is a level 5 full instructor and level 1 whip instructor in Sayoc. He formed the Maryland Atienza Kali training group in 2004.

updated August 7, 2013

Sama Sama 2007 (June 30 – July 2, 2007)

It was an especially memorable Sama Sama this year, with two Ascension ceremonies – one elevating Tuhon Chris Sayoc to PAMANA (inheritor) TUHON, the other recognizing the advancement of the Atienza brothers to Tuhon. The wives of the Tuhons were also recognized with the title of Silak.

I was proud to see Guro Lem, Joe C. Jay M., and Dylan M. represent our group so well. I hope that even more of us will attend Sama Sama 2008!

Eight additional 36 count knife drills were introduced, bringing the total number of knife drills to 10. There were melees and one-on-one battles as well as whip training and quick-draws. It was great getting together with the extended Sayoc family, including our brothers and sisters from all over the US and from Europe as well.

And one final announcement: from now on what we do will be simply called “Sayoc” instead of “Sayoc Kali”. We hope that this will allow us to keep doing what we are doing without having other people try to define for us what “kali” should or should not be.


Class Notes – April 5, 2007

In attendance: Lem T. (instructing), Maria H.It looks like a lot of people were out of town for spring break (including me)! Guro Lem sent me some brief notes:

We reviewed: 3 of 9 template/tapping. TD 1-2.We also went over TD 3 and 3 of 10 template (smoking knife). We ended class doing whip 3 of 9 template.


Class Notes – February 1, 2007

020107In attendance: Bob Shin and Lem Tasin (instructing), Joe C., Jonathan H., Derek L., Pat R., and Aaron T.We worked on TD 1 and TD 2 for the first part of class. Distractions were used such as a dodge ball and the whip. The more advanced students also installed the first four moves of TD 3.The end of class was spent in free flow – one on one, and two on one.