Class – September 2017 – 3 of 9 Variations and Receiver Hit-sets

Instructing: Guro Joe C. and Guro Lem

Attending: Brian, Ryan, and Dan


We went through the 3 of 9 template right and left hand. Worked with changing the sequences and alternating left and right hands template. Drilled odds and evens on one side and switched. We worked through left defeats right. Reviewed true left and true right. Worked on Receiver hit-sets. Modifiers: panuntukan to each count. Receiver hit-set 2-count isolations.


Class Notes – Feb. 23, 2016 – Panuntukan

Instructing: Guro Joe M, Guro Joe C, and Guro Lem

Attendence: Dan, Lance, Alex, and Brent (new perspective student)


Tonight’s class we continued with dealing with receiver’s jab and cross and drawing from concealment. Feeder’s side-stepped to the outside of jab and used that time to deploy blade–hopefully before receiver’s cross would connect. Another drill we did to gain another beat, we had the Feeder’s throw a jab (if in left lead) to buy the time to deploy blade. Then tried it in the right lead to deploy blade.



Class Notes – Feb 9 & 16, 2016 – Panuntukan Series

Feb 9, 2016 – Panuntukan

Instructing: Guro Joe M and Guro Joe C


Teaching Panuntukan set 1. We added what to do when Receiver throws a jab, cross, or a combination. We had the Receivers gear up with boxing gloves to throw punches when Feeder does his panuntukan set.


Feb 16, 2016  – Panuntukan

Instructing: Guro Joe Marana


We continued working on our panuntukan/boxing series. Discussed about panuntukan counters but added in draws (from concealment or from belt rig). We dealt with the receiver punching – jab and crooss. The Feeder then draws and enters into any combination from the panuntukan set.