Sama Sama 2006 (June 30 – July 3, 2006)

I just got back from Sama Sama, Sayoc Kali’s annual gathering. This year was 3 days of non-stop training in Kissimmee, FL. Lem T., Miguel A., and Jay M. (who recently moved to Tennessee) were there along with over a hundred other Sayoc Kali instructors and students from all over the US and Europe.

Lem, Miguel, and Jay all tested for rank but, more importantly, they represented. I was happy to recommend them for promotion, and I was proud to see them acquit themselves so well in the face of intense sun, heat, and tough testing.

Next year, I hope that we’ll have an even bigger turnout from Maryland. It’s never to early to block out that first weekend in July … p.s. Happy Independence Day!


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