Class – April 4, 2017 – Sayoc Stick Grappling

Instructors: Guro Joe C and Guro Lem

Attendees: Dan, Brian, and Ryan


We continued with the stick grappling techniques from last week. These techniques are from Tuhon Tom’s stick grapping instructions in the past. We reviewed the stand up body lock to chokes with the stick. We went through some front head locks to guillotine chokes. Next, we transitioned from the side body lock to head and arm throw or to the neck crush. And also, we worked on some over-under clinch techniques to finishes.

We got some good reps drilling these sequences. We made them lightly free-flow through the locks from the side body clinch. From there, we had the Receiver’s give some reaction to which the Feeder’s had to move into the correct lock or choke or throw.

Next stick class we will review take downs with finishes. Also, maybe we will learn how to initiate a response to get entry.


Oct. 6 2015 – Five Count Passing Drill with Combat Sets

Instructing: Guro Joe C, Guro Joe M, and Guro Lem

Attending: Brian, Dan, Bob, Asim, Lance, Sid, Alex, and James


Five count passing drill with Tuhon Tom’s combat sets 1 – 5. Like in different fma schools, these attacks are from different angles. These preset attacks are then passed through with an open or closed counter. Once the drill has been installed, the Feeder goes into the grappling range of the drill. Each angle will have a different grappling sequence that either goes into a throw or a control that the receiver cannot move out of. This control is done to the blade arm and/or receiver’s body, or head.



Sama Sama 2010 (July 2 – 5, 2010)

sama sama 2010

L to R: Ervin, Miguel, Mosi, Bob, Tuhon Tom, Shawn, Joe, Warren and Mike.

The weather was perfect up in the Poconos for Sama Sama this year. Maryland was represented by Joe C. and Mosi, Northern Virginia by Vedo and Alfred, Virginia Beach by Ervin and Mike D., and Western New York by Warren.

As always, it was great reuniting with old friends. Shawn G. and Chuck and Kara returned to Sama Sama after a long absence. Bob B. was back in his traditional role as videographer. Joe M. and J.P. were there along with many others.

The training included basic curriculum as well as sessions featuring Tuhon Tom Kier (tactical holstering/drawing and family dynamics) and Tuhon Carl Atienza (using the bolo sheath as a weapon). Saturday night included a sayaw and midnight tracking/navigation session.

I hope that everyone had a good time and made some new friends!


Tuhon Tom Kier Seminar – June 27, 2009

tuhon tomThis seminar was hosted by John Bailie and held at Vanguard Gym in Manassas, VA.

Tuhon Tom taught a great seminar as always, covering stickgrappling, focusing on chokes and levers, and gun counters.

Nice turnout included members of Maharlika Martial Arts, Buffalo Martial Arts and Arnis DC. Guro Ervin Quintin from Virginia Beach participated and is interested in forming a training group. It was fun to train and make new friends at the same time!


Class Notes – August 24, 2006

082406In attendance: Bob Shin and Lem Tasin (instructing), Joe C., David D., Dean F., Bethany G., Jonathan H., Keith H., Derek L., Tom M., Pat R., Aaron T., and prospective students Jon K. and Bryan D.We had a surprise visit from Tuhon Tom Kier, Guro Victor Wong, and blademaker Justin Garvey, who had been attending the TREXPO (Tactical Response Expo) outside of DC.The more experienced students reviewed the 7 count passing drill, then advanced to TD 1 silak. Tuhon Tom corrected some of our movements and encouraged us to work on reducing any pauses in our movements that would break our flow. The newer students worked on 3/9 tapping. Tuhon Tom was pleased with the quality of the students, and no one was flogged.Justin G. showed us some of his tactical drop point blades and talked about the ergonomics of the design. Awesome stuff!Don’t forget about projectile training at Joe’s on Saturday …