Bushcraft Basics – September 2017 – Fire Building and Shelter

Usually, we train with weapons or how to survive and protect our loved ones from violence. This time we were training a different skill-set. This past weekend we had the opportunity to learn from our very own instructor Guro Joe Cypressi on fire building and shelter. We had training hosted by Guro Joe Marana at an undisclosed area near his place. Brian, Ryan, and Guro Lem also attended the bushcraft basics class. First we learned how to build a fire. Making sure you pick the right wood was a very good lesson and making sure you had the wood ready to place in the fire. Later, we all teamed up to finish up the shelter that Guro Joe had started. He had started the frame of the shelter from a tree that was already leaning and we just build upon that. We didn’t have much leaves to use because summer was about to end, so we used grass to cover the shelter. In the end, we all had a good time learning the basics. Maybe one weekend we can go out for a night with family and show off our new skills.

Guro Joe C. trying our new built shelter


Class – September 2017 – 3 of 9 Variations and Receiver Hit-sets

Instructing: Guro Joe C. and Guro Lem

Attending: Brian, Ryan, and Dan


We went through the 3 of 9 template right and left hand. Worked with changing the sequences and alternating left and right hands template. Drilled odds and evens on one side and switched. We worked through left defeats right. Reviewed true left and true right. Worked on Receiver hit-sets. Modifiers: panuntukan to each count. Receiver hit-set 2-count isolations.


Class – April 4, 2017 – Sayoc Stick Grappling

Instructors: Guro Joe C and Guro Lem

Attendees: Dan, Brian, and Ryan


We continued with the stick grappling techniques from last week. These techniques are from Tuhon Tom’s stick grapping instructions in the past. We reviewed the stand up body lock to chokes with the stick. We went through some front head locks to guillotine chokes. Next, we transitioned from the side body lock to head and arm throw or to the neck crush. And also, we worked on some over-under clinch techniques to finishes.

We got some good reps drilling these sequences. We made them lightly free-flow through the locks from the side body clinch. From there, we had the Receiver’s give some reaction to which the Feeder’s had to move into the correct lock or choke or throw.

Next stick class we will review take downs with finishes. Also, maybe we will learn how to initiate a response to get entry.


Class – Feb. 28, 2017 – TD 1 & TD 2

Instructing: Guro’s Joe C and Lem

Attending: Brian, Shane, and Dan


Tonight’s class we resumed fine tuning Td1 and Td2. We examined the parts where the receiver was doing most of the work and movement. In Td2, the receivers part is what makes most of the movements of the drill. We made sure that the receiver was giving the right amount of control during certain parts of the drill. These control point could be considered a time were the receiver can change his position to become the Feeder/attacker.


Feb 14, 2017 – Class Notes – Review 3 of 9 & TD’s


Instructing: Guros Joe C & Lem

Attending: Dan, Shane, and Brian




Tonight we dedicated the training to see how much of the curriculum the guys knew. We asked them to perform without instructing and drill what they knew. We covered: 3 of 9 with its different variations. 5-count and 7-count passing drills. 10-count kayanan. Td 1-3. Later, we ran a line drill for Td2 to get more reps in.


Feb 7, 2017 – Class Notes – Sayoc Stick C-template

Instructing: Guro Joe C and Guro Lem

Attendance: Dan, Brian, Ryan, Shane, and Mike (Ryan’s out of town family)


We reviewed Sayoc stick C-template. We worked both feeder and receiver side. We did some cardio while practicing the template by running up and down the room as we were performing the 12 counts. Later, we worked on count 3 for entry into grappling. From there we ran through some stand up chokes with the stick.