Class notes September 23rd 2014

Attendance Lance, Dan, Alex, Brian, Ryan, Guros Lem, and Joe C. instructing, James observed the class.  We reviewed projectiles and projectile transitions to close quarters.  We also explored an alternate release allowing variable ranges of point first contact within the typical single rotation range without a grip change.  We finished with reviewing the loader principle in conjunction with triangle group tactics and a short medical scenario.


Trauma First Response Course – February 3, 2013


In attendance: Joe C., Ann M., David D., Joe M., Alex C., Tricia T., Bob S., Lem T., Alex E., and Victor W.

Chris Van Houten, NREMT-P taught a one-day seminar covering principles of pre-hospital trauma life support. We learned how to recognize life threatening injuries and to correctly use potentially life saving medical items such as tourniquets and hemostatic agents. Turn out was great despite our scheduling the seminar for Super Bowl Sunday!