Class Notes – Aug 23, 2016 – Projectiles with TD 1

Instructing: Guro Joe C & Guro Lem

Attendence: Lance, Edward, Dinno, Dan, and Brian


Tonight, we incorporated projectiles into the transitional drill 1. First, we went through the template for TD1. We then had them run through the drill by adding projectiles for each target. We later introduced trying to clear and then projecting into the target. Then, we added multiple attackers to the drill.


Class notes September 23rd 2014

Attendance Lance, Dan, Alex, Brian, Ryan, Guros Lem, and Joe C. instructing, James observed the class.  We reviewed projectiles and projectile transitions to close quarters.  We also explored an alternate release allowing variable ranges of point first contact within the typical single rotation range without a grip change.  We finished with reviewing the loader principle in conjunction with triangle group tactics and a short medical scenario.


Class Notes – March 15, 2011

In attendance: David, Tyus, Brian, Asim, Andrew, Bryant, Mike Q., Bob, Tavon, Julie and Kashif.

Today’s class focused on projectiles. We began by throwing trainers into pizza boxes, then took turns throwing kicking targets at volunteers. We ended class with a brief free-for-all projectile melee.


AK Sama Sama 2010 (Mar 12 – 14, 2010)

The first Atiena Kali Sama Sama was held this weekend up in the Poconos, covering AK sword, knife, stick and more. Highlights included the AK Gauntlet (running, climbing, shooting, archery, machete and knife throwing, and mass attack) and the Combat Archery competitions.

Mike Q. attended as did Guro Ervin Quintin and Simo Eloy Quintin from Virginia Beach. We all had such a good time that we hardly noticed all of the wind and rain. ;)


Class Notes – December 1, 2009

In attendance: Joe, David, Mosi, Brian, Tre, Bob, Heather and Mark. We opened class with projectiles. Despite David’s best efforts we didn’t puncture the mats, though I did dent the drywall by accident. We then continued to work on the Kayan 10 Count Palusot Drill, including forward grip variations.