Atienza Kali Seminar – Oct 24, 2009

In attendance: Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne Atienza, Bob, Miguel, Mosi, Paul, Sam, the other David, Rick V., Mike, Chris, Ervin and Eloy.

Tuhon Carl introduced us to AK mass attack using both long blade and knife. We drilled a variety of isolations, then applied them in two-on-one, three-on-one, and eventually six-on-one. We also reviewed and analyzed footage of real-life mass attack scenarios.

Thanks to all who attended, especially Ervin and Eloy who drove up from Virginia Beach, Paul who allowed us to use his family’s farm, and of course Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne Atienza!



  1. Greetings :-)
    Vedo Bows ;^)

    Thank You Tuhon Carl and Silak Dianne Atienza and Guro Bob.
    Weather wasn't too bad, for at least the first part of the day.

    As always, the Seminar was Great and Informative.
    Good to see the crew from Virginia Beach.

    Video's were wicked.
    The guy with the floppy ears was kind of funny.

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