Atienza Kali Seminar – October 20, 2012

L to R: Bob S., Tuhon Carl Atienza, Chris R., Lem T., Ryan M.

We started out with the Atienza Kali Bolo Evolution 1 drill, then worked on the bolo and knife material.

1. Load blade (LH) then projectile.
3. Load blade (LH) thrust kidney/armpit.
5. Thrust heart (LH).
7. Thrust throat, jam with forearm (LH). Hubud (RH).
9. Parry heart thrust (LH) into snake lock. Arcing thrust (RH) to carotid hack.

The second half of the seminar focused on countering the charger/two-handed bat.

vs Forehand 1
Check wrists (PU)
Elbow pull (LH), thrust iliac (RH)
Step to his back, thrust kidney (RH)

vs Forehand 2
Check wrists (PU)
Pull wrist (LH)
Clear behind to decap (RH)

vs Backhand
Check wrists (PU)
Overwrap to armbar (LH)
Decap (LH)

vs Overhead (from previous seminar)
Check wrists (PD)
Roll to slash, then thrust (RH)


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