Asian Festival Demo – Aug 1, 2010

Kapatid Miguel “Vedo” Acevedo put together a group demonstration for the 7th Annual Asian Festival in Reston, VA. Each year, the Asian Festival highlights a different culture; this year showcased the Philippines! Here is Vedo’s report …

Greetings :-) Vedo Bows ;^)

from left to right: Alfred Aquino, Ted (Theodore Kunszt), Mosi Jack, Rick Vargas, Peter Thornton, Francisco, myself (Vedo), Miguel II, Josh (Josrique Garcia)

Demo started with an intro of Sayoc by Josh.

Whip demo intro. (LOT: was issue, low clearance due to cover, did some anyway). note to self: Get shorter whips! (Coming from opposite sides of stage, I came onto stage and using my whip, I cracked my whip once then I retreated. Francisco came onto stage and using his whip, cracked his whip once then retreated. I came on stage and did two cracks then retreated, Francisco did the same. I came out and preformed the whip star pattern then retreated, Francisco did the same. We drop whips and start to approach the center of the stage.)

(Wanted to demo ‘Closing the Gap’ using projectiles (chopsticks) alas, couldn’t find the darn things).

So, Francisco and I, stalked each other @ middle-stage, with crew circling and providing background demos. Called ihinto (stop). All turned/lined-up and ‘Saluted Crowd’ then ‘Saluted each other’.

Mosi came out and demonstrated the ‘7-count drill’ template on me. Afterward I demonstrated the counters on Mosi (hoagie, etc..) Ted and Alfred took the floor and demonstrated TD#1. Francisco and I drilled 3/9, TD1/TD2/TD3 while crew provided background demos.

We then requested a member from the audience (Miguel II). Who was embedded within the crowd, playing possum (The Tourist). I started to demo/Install cross-tap parring to this audience member, when I notice ‘this’ audience member is a little too good! At which time Miguel II takes off his outer-shirt and throws it off the stage to reveal that he too is a student of ‘Sayoc’. Crowd Responded well :-)

Miguel II and I start to flow 3/9, TD#1, etc. Had crew provide background demonstrations (! son almost pushed me off the back of the stage).

Switched off and then flowed with Mosi (who was using a karambit) when his partner (Peter) exited the stage.

Would-be mugger (Peter), circles around back away from the crew, crew notices mugger entering the zone and stops and watches the mugger make the mistake of ‘Attacking the MC’ (Josh). Josh, had an injury to his ankle and is using a walking cane at the time to get around. MC is surprised by mugger and uses some impromptu ‘Espada and Dagger’ (Cane-n-Knife) on would-be assailant. Mugger is defeated then flipped to the floor using cane. Bad place to be! Free-for-all on mugger. “ouch”..   :-P

MC walks off stage into the Sunset…leaving mugger behind in a slump.

Total time ~~12 minutes. All in all, for our first time, the crew felt we did well. Well I believe ‘that was it’.

Miguel ‘Vedo’


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  1. Um, you left out Rick & Ted did 3 of 9, static and with tapping. Did the video get posted, edited to show our good sides of course…

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