Class – March 6, 2018 – 5 Count Passing Drill


Guro Lem, Brian, Ryan, Chris, Shane, and Justin


Tonight’s class, we split the class in two groups. Justin is fairly new so we had the senior guys take turns teaching 3 of 9 template to him. Shane taught first and went through the counts 1-5 showing both Feeder and Receiver techniques. Brian continued with counts 6-9 showing Feeder and Receiver sides. Chris would later feed and receive 3 of 9. Justin got some good reps tonight.

As they were teaching 3 of 9 to Justin, we continued working on the different variations of 5 count passing drill from last class. We alternated drilling with each other. The last variation we worked on would be to get a vital target after every counter. Issues that came up were to be aware of blade profile after passing–keep it pointed in the right direction. Feeder 2 not stopping the motion of the drill. Also, we tried to keep the cuts/counters small instead of giving a wide swing of the blade.

Near the end of class, we all got into pairs and we did some blade sparring. The rules were to keep both feet planted during the match–no moving the feet. After 3 cuts, winners stayed on. Only vital targets counted and if you moved your feet you lost a point.

Good class tonight!


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