Class Notes – March 22, 2016 – Medical Management

Instructing: Guro Joe M, Guro Joe C, and Guro Lem

Attending: Alex, Bryan, Dan, Sid, Lance, and Asim


Tonight’s class we worked on carrying or moving our partner from across the room. First carry was a pull and drag from under the armpits. Second carry we had an arm around waist while holding the belt–walked carry across the room. The next part of class we talked about different scenarios of what would they do as a responder to the scene. How they would assess the situation and deal with it. Next we talked and practiced with tourniquets. Each of them got some reps placing on their partner and then themselves. 2016-03-29-13-17-062016-03-29-13-26-48IMG_20160322_2034110892016-03-29-13-19-24IMG_20160322_204158495


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