Class Notes – March 15, 2016 – Medical Management

Instructing: Guro Joe M, Guro Joe C, and Guro Lem

Attending: Alex, Lance, James, Sid, Asim, and Ryan


Tonight, we started the class drilling the first 3 counts of transitional drill 1. Next we reviewed our stop-blocks for those moves.  As class continued, we went over some medical material with thought provocation to see what actions the students would do. During this time, we went over some ways to perform our physical assessment on an unconscious person. We had them pair up and perform the assessment on each other (thanks to our student/local EMT Alex for helping with this). Later in class, we discussed that we have to be prepared to deal with any situation in a calm way. Focus on the goal or primary threat until it is decreased or neutralized–secure the area or move the person to a safer location. Then, we can perform the care needed based on the acronym MARCH. M –  Massive bleeding. A – Check airway and clear if necessary. R – Respirations. C – Circulation. H – Head/Hypothermia.


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