Class Notes – Oct 5/Oct 12/Oct 19, 2010

In attendance (October 5): Roderick, Joe, David, Michael, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Bryant, Frank, Will, Bob, Lem and Kashif.
In attendance (October 12): Roderick, David, Devlin, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Ryan, Will, Bob, Lem, Tavon and Kashif.
In attendance (October 19): David, Michael, Mosi, Brian, Ryan, Bryant, Frank, Will, Bob, Tavin and Kashif.

These three classes were spent installing the Atienza Kali knife vs knife (empty hand) evolution, which adds eye jabs, throat jabs, slaps and elbows to basic blade tapping and checking. The more advanced students also worked on the Atienza Kali bolo evolution.


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