Tuhon Tom Kier Seminar – June 27, 2009

tuhon tomThis seminar was hosted by John Bailie and held at Vanguard Gym in Manassas, VA.

Tuhon Tom taught a great seminar as always, covering stickgrappling, focusing on chokes and levers, and gun counters.

Nice turnout included members of Maharlika Martial Arts, Buffalo Martial Arts and Arnis DC. Guro Ervin Quintin from Virginia Beach participated and is interested in forming a training group. It was fun to train and make new friends at the same time!


Kick Cancer Exhibition – March 28, 2009

We were invited to participate in a fund-raising martial arts exhibition, but without much time to prepare in advance, we had to more or less “wing it”! Lem, Joe, David, Frank, Shane and Josh all rose to the challenge and did a great job demonstrating a variety of knife, stick and long blade techniques!


Atienza Kali Seminar – Dec 1, 2007

tuhon carlIn attendance: Tuhon Carl Atienza and Silak Dianne Atienza (instructing), Bob Shin, Lem Tasin, Undrea W., and Eric S.

We had a great seminar and picked up a lot of information, including a detailed breakdown of AK evolution 1 and fighter types. It was Undrea’s and Eric’s first formal AK experience, but they both did great. We have tentative plans to bring Tuhon Carl back in March, so keep your calendars open!


Atienza Kali Seminar – June 9, 2007

atienza kali gurosJoe C., Derek L., Lem T., and I had a great session with Tuhon Carl and Guros Leo, Josh, Anaam, and Will.

We covered right hand targeting chains from Evo 1 and Evo 2. With Evo 1, we practiced the targeting chains with hourglass footward. We also began to install Evo 2.

At the end of the seminar, we did some light sparring with the guros and Tuhon Carl. Naturally, this was very educational and a lot of fun.


Charm City Kenpo Seminar – July 18, 2006

I had the opportunity to give a Sayoc Kali seminar at Charm City Kenpo Karate in Cockeysville, MD. There were five participants and I was assisted by Joe C.

The seminar ran for two hours. We covered the first 5 targets of 3/9 and introduced tapping. It would be great if we could set up a regular training group or seminar schedule there. Thanks to Sensei Walsh for inviting me to teach.


SFS Seminar – June 10, 2006

tuhon felix

We had a great turnout for Tuhon Felix’s seminar … Participants came from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia!

Tuhon Felix covered the feeder and receiver templates of the C template 1. We worked on generating power by practicing the templates on a bag. We also practiced using the receiver template to counter the feeder template. Great material, and a great re-introduction to the Sayoc Fighting System!