Class Notes – July 2, 2013

Guro Lem instructing:

Attendance: Jon, Brandon, Robert E., Lem, David, Asim, and Ryan

Notes:David taught Jon and Brandon. His notes will follow. I had the rest of the guys perform 3 of 9 w/tapping. We also worked on pendulum and corkscrew tapping. Discussed the differences between the two.
Also, Asim and Ryan worked in some funnel taps. After warm-ups, we would tap to get to the left side of the attack (Feeder’s right side) and then used the left hand as a c-clamp or posted with the right forearm. Later, we simulated a hold up with a knife near the door and hand rail and one of the guys had to get past the the person with the knife using what we had just practiced. Good training!
Later, Ryan and Asim practiced transitional drills 1 through 7.


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