Class notes July 22nd 2014

Attendance: Robert, Dan, Chan, Frank, Alex, Asim, and Ryan. Guro Joe C. instructing.  With the Atienza Kali seminar fast approaching we discussed the value of the long blade in terms of tactical superiority and the broadening of technique options.  After which we focused on the Sayoc curriculum. The newer students learned TD2 while the more advanced students installed TD6 and learned TD2 level 3 isolations.

Bob Shin

bob shinGuro “Dr. Bob” began training in Sayoc as a member of the original Butohan in Upper Darby, PA. He has been teaching Sayoc in Columbia since moving to Maryland in 2002. He is a level 5 full instructor and level 1 whip instructor in Sayoc. He formed the Maryland Atienza Kali training group in 2004.

updated August 7, 2013

Atienza Kali Seminar – October 20, 2012

L to R: Bob S., Tuhon Carl Atienza, Chris R., Lem T., Ryan M.

We started out with the Atienza Kali Bolo Evolution 1 drill, then worked on the bolo and knife material.

1. Load blade (LH) then projectile.
3. Load blade (LH) thrust kidney/armpit.
5. Thrust heart (LH).
7. Thrust throat, jam with forearm (LH). Hubud (RH).
9. Parry heart thrust (LH) into snake lock. Arcing thrust (RH) to carotid hack.

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Class Notes – August 28, 2012

Guros Lem and Joe taught class while I was out of town:

Attendees: Guros Joe and Lem, Kapatid David D., Brian, Ryan, Asim, Alex, Philip, and Cole (new prospective student).

We combined the drilling of Atienza Kali and Sayoc Kali. We used 3 of 9 as the template. First we started with no tapping and just moved out of the way utilizing body movements, footwork, and angles. Some utilized boxing movements like bob n weave or ducking. We continued to switch partners so that everyone experienced different levels of height. It was interesting to watch how they moved to see what worked and what didn’t work.

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