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After the Introductory Seminar we held at the Krav Maga school, I found the following blog entry from one of the participants:

I was going to stick around for the Level 1 class but instead I went to the Knife demonstration in the other classroom.


Someone can really hurt you with a knife if they know what they’re doing. 360s won’t do it. Inside defenses won’t do it. That became clear pretty quick.

The guys who’ve been doing it awhile were all wearing belts with knives in them. Knives, as in four or five. Different shapes and sizes. They’d pull em quick, put them back without looking and change grips without trouble.

I dropped my knife five times.

I was using a “sharky”, the plastic knives we use in Krav Maga. They have shark fin shaped holes in the blade. The Silak guys were using metal knives with dull blades.

A few basics. If you drop a knife you don’t pick it up. In a knife fight you can’t worry about a dropped knife, if you do you’ll get hurt.

When you hand a knife to someone else, you hold the handle with the blade pointed down, and hook your fingers around one side. The other person hooks their fingers around the other side and get a grip. When you feel they’ve gotten a grip you let go.

Templates. Templates are a group of targets and the strikes used to attacke them. The template we saw included the jugular on each side of the kneck, the “blue worm” just under the belt line, the line from the sternum to the belly button and the peritenium, the spot past the groin directly between the legs.

You strike the kneck with stabs. First with the palm down, pushing through the neck and into the neck toward the windpipe at the same time. The goal is to cut the jugular. You turn the wrist over so your palm is up and do the same strike.

The knife comes down and you slash across the belt line, palm up.

You raise the knife to the sternum and slash down with the meat of your hand going toward the ground.

That cut goes down and your hand goes with it, then you bring it up and stab the peritenwhatever. Its either perineum or peritenium.

I’ll write more later.


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