From Jonathan Han …

Guro Bob is an exceptional teacher. I have trained with many teachers of various martial art styles and I can testify that the knowledge and skills Guro Bob brings to his classes are among the best. The classes are fun and creative while serious in the pursuit of practical skills to survive the grim reality of blade encounters. If you study with Dr. Bob, you WILL increase your chance of surviving a knife attack.

For years, I have trained in knife techniques of other styles that may have worked in another time period but seemed unrealistic to today’s scenarios. Training with Guro Bob showed me the dangers of having faith in archaic techniques that are not rigorously tested and refined to be practical in a modern setting. I learned about the many uses and defensive tactics against knives in ways that I have never imagined. After six weeks of training in Sayoc, I learned more about the proper deployment and protection from a blade than sixteen years of training in another weapons based art.

If anyone is serious about learning blade work in the Maryland region, I recommend paying Guro Bob a visit. The flow drills, speed training, coordination development, and over all blade awareness you gain is well worth the investment. You also get to wear cool black BDUs.

Jonathan Han (Washington, DC)


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