Class Notes – July 12, 2016 – Long Weapon Entry

Instructing: Guro Joe C, Guro Joe M, and Guro Lem

Attendance: Dan, Alex, Asim, Dinno, Mike, and Vince


Tonight’s class we started with hour glass footwork from Atienza Kali. We worked the bottom half of the hour glass from top of the triangle to the bottom corner. Then we worked moving up the hour glass from the bottom of the corners to the top.

We had the Feeder 1 slash angle one and two. Feeder 2 steps either side to just be out of Feeder 1’s slashes. We later circled past Feeder’s slashes to get behind him for a counter attack. We then added tip-down deflections to the footwork. After working the footwork and tip-down’s, we added a counter to Feeder 1’s slashes.


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