Class Notes – June 7, 2016 – Atienza Kali Long Blade Tip Down Deflections; Knife against Long Weapon

IMG_20160607_200529690Instructing: Guros Joe C and Lem
Attendence: Brian, Dan, Lance, Lance’s buddy/cousin(whose name I forget), Sid, Dino and Vince from Vedo’s group, and  new guy dropped in named Justin
We warmed up with some stick movement akin to shadow boxing. Dan brought enough padded sticks for everybody which was great to have.
We started on foot work for an angle 1 natural deflection (2 count).  Then we worked on slipping the angle 1 strike without a sword. This was done in order to focus on the footwork, timing, and correct body positioning. Later, we added another attack from the Feeder with the sword and countered it. We focused heavily on the footwork and continued on to a proto RCE drill where they just blocked everything but the angle 1 where they took their counter.  This further amplified the need to move with the foot work. 2016-06-13-21-58-102016-06-13-22-04-51
We finished with a knife application against a long weapon.  Same footwork and same angle etc.  The short blade made the footwork more explosive and urgent.


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