Class Notes – April 19, 2016 – Transitional Drills

Instructing: Guro Joe C

Attendance: Sid, Dan, Ryan, Brian, Alex and Asim


We were talking about how nice the weather was so we held class outside.  Great weather and some low light training.
We started out with just Sid, Dan and Brian.  Dan and Brian took turns feeding Sid who only knew TD1, “kinda”.  They were instructed to not correct verbally just keep the pace moderately and take any cut that was available.  I provided instruction for Sid when he was unable to self correct.
Asim arrived soon after. Asim and Brian demoed 1 thru 8.  Asim was kinda rusty.  I had them focus on 7 and just turn up the intent and pressure on both sides to find the errors and weak spots and correct them.  When Alex and Ryan got there, they did the same with TD 4.
Dan continued to Feed Sid TD1 with the goal of making Sid respond correctly based on a proper feed.  This cleaned up Dan’s feed a bit.
Everyone demoed at the end and everyone looked sharper and more confident in the techniques.  Sid knows the receiver side of TD 1.
We ended with a little talk about the value of drills and how they can and can’t make you a better fighter.  I told them we should work these techniques into free flow next class to break out of the drill sequencing and isolate techniques.


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