Class Notes – March 1, 2016 – Atienza Kali – Intercepts

Instructing: Guro’s Joe C & Lem

Attending: Brian, Asim, Ryan, James, and Lance


Tonight we warmed up with the hourglass footwork with slashes, tip-up and tip-down deflections. Next, we compared short slashes and long slashes. We had them partner up and practice their short slashes. In this exercise, we had their partner hold out their stick and try to retract the stick while the other tried hitting it with short slashes. 2016-03-04-09-30-40


From there, we had them track the forehand anchor point and perform short slashes whenever they saw it in a flow. Finally, we had them partner up and made feeder 1 attack feeder 2 with different angles. Feeder 2 would counter everything with tip-up/tip-down deflections and intercept that forehand long slash when they saw it.


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