Class Notes – January 20, 2015 – Drills to Freeflow and Back

Instructing: Guro Joe M.

In Attendance: Brian, Alex, Ryan, Bob, Dan, Lance

Transition Drills – Students started by pairing off and repping a Transition Drill of choice, preferably one that is still new or one that the pair felt that they wanted/needed more work on.  Within the drill, each partner was instructed to identify an isolation that they wanted to work on.

Freeflow – With the same partner, then with different partners each student practiced isolating the technique extracted from a Transition Drill and use it in free flow.  From Freeflow, we then came back together and discussed how there are usually some movements that we get caught with.  Freeflow can help us identify our areas we should work on.

Back to Transition Drills – Using the feedback from Freeflow, students went back to their original pairs and located where in the Transition Drills they could find the solution to the movements they needed to work on.

Introduction to Phase 2 – For the last part of class, we worked the empty hand entry response to a forehand palm up slash.  Empty hand Feeders crosstapped and entered into a 2-on-1 control.  From there we worked foot and leg placement, simulating left hand strikes and crosstapping to exit if needed.



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