ZOMBIES!!! Class Notes June 17th 2014

Attendance: Brian, Ryan, Rob, Dan, Chan, Guro Joe C. instructing. We covered mass attack basics via the Zombie drill today.  We started with a few test runs and analyzed those outcomes to develop strategies.  We then changed scenarios by adding exits, first one then two, then changing starting positions.  We then added projectiles and finally blades with zombie “kill” rules to provide effect for projectiles.  We finished with following scenario: The one must make it to one of two exits.  As many blades as he cares to load in concealment.  One must start behind the railing(about 10 feet long open on one end) and zombies start about 20 ft out(behind a given line on the floor) Cuts or projectiles must be to vital targets.  Two hits to immobilize the zombie for three seconds.  Zombies have no speed limit but are limited to grabbing with outstretched hands.  Once grabbed by more then one zombie the one loses.  No time limit.

Some of the conclusions.  Don’t cut the middle.  Its a lot easier with the blades. They only work if they are in your hand at the right time.

Among others…




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