Class Notes: August 7, 2012

We once again had the privilege of having Guro Victor teach class this evening. Guro Lem provided the following notes:

Here’s some other notes that I took from Guro Victor’s training for the new guys.

We started the drill with the Feeder going for Receiver’s internal and external jugulars. We had the Receiver counter with two palms down from side to side. Receivers then evolved their tapping to one palm down and the other palm up but still using two hands to counter. Next, the Receiver’s evolved their tapping to the regular palm up cross-body tapping. Lastly, Receivers countered by performing a palm down same side tapping (bad hand).

On a side note: Guro Vic mentioned keeping a frame while doing one handed cross-tapping or same side tapping. He mention it like a ‘L’ shape. In a sense we already do it in the first two counts in TD1 to wipe away the Feeders counter.

Later, he introduced punching while tapping. This drill was a little harder for the new students. They looked very robotic in their movements but they got the concept of the drill.

Guro Victor started the second part of class by talking about how we carry our blades and where. We started practicing drawing our blades from a concealed area. Most of us had holstered the blade in the front hidden under our shirt. We later practiced drawing the blade as fast as we could. I found it easier to use the non-blade hand to lift the shirt first and then reach for the blade. But Guro Victor suggested using the thumb of the blade hand to lift up the shirt in order to shorten the steps to draw the blade.

Next, he had us pair up and practice drawing our concealed blade while the receiver increased pressure by pushing or grabbing. We later increased the intensity by having the receiver grab and try to prevent the feeder from drawing his blade. We then increased the pressure/stress by having two receivers try to prevent the feeder from drawing his/her blade.

We had a great class!


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