Class Notes – April 17, 2012

While I was out of town, Guro Lem, David and Mosi took over teaching duties …

Guro Lem’s notes:

We reviewed 5 count passing drill with grappling isolations. After a few reps with the drill, Mosi had us free flow. We tried to work on technique than strength or knee jerking actions. Later, David had us back to back and had the Feeder initiate the attack. This scenario was to assimilate a surprise attack. Nice class!

Mosi’s notes:

In the class from two weeks ago, Lem started the class with us continuing the “five-count” take-downs. David led class next, but my mind is drawing a blank on what he focused on.  Then I finished the class with trying to get the guys to free flow (whatever drills they knew) with intent (which was perfect considering last week’s class).

In attendance (if I remember correctly… I’m getting old!): Lem, David, myself, Frank, Bryan, Ryan, Asim, Zavid, and Alex.


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