Class Notes – April 19, 2011

Class was run by Mosi this evening …

First off, thanks Dr. Bob for granting me the opportunity to teach class while he was away.   In attendance, was Bryant, Ryan, and Bryan, Jarrod, David, Asim.  It was a small class, but we had a good one.

First we went over 3 of 9.  However, I had them focus on “intent,” strength, and technique instead of relying on speed and rote memory.  We did that for about 10 minutes to get them in the right frame of mind.  Then we spent the next 10 minutes free flowing w/n 3 of 9 framework.  By now, only 20 minutes in, everyone had a nice little sweat going. ;-)

Next we went through TD #1 (again w/ intent)!  They each took turns feeding and recieving TD#1, getting reaquainted w/ the drill and focusing on intent for 15 minutes.  After that we then again free-flowed, but using moves from 3 of 9 and TD1.  Finally, some of the guys incorporated TD2 into the free flow action.  We did this for the remainder of the class, switching partners every 5 minutes ago.

The point was to get them to see that when you apply force and intent, it no longer looks like choreography.  Instead, people are moving across the floor in various patterns, as each try to apply a technique, and the other tries to figure out what the counter is.  In addition, it helped some guys to see how important their “live” hand was for getting them from one position, to set them up for the next position.  All in all, we had a nice hard class.  Lots of fun for all.



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