Class Notes – December 14, 2010

In attendance: Joe, David, Tyus, Devlin, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Andrew, Ryan, Will, Bob, Tavon, Julie, Kashif, Nancy, Jon, and Guro Joe Maraña. visiting from the west coast!

We warmed up with transition drills, then decided to do something different in honor of Guro Joe. We split into two groups (sharks vs minnows) and ran a series of mass attack drills. Eventually we worked our way until we had a group of 12 protecting a “principal” against 3 attackers — trying a variety of different strategies. Fun stuff!


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  1. Guro Dr. Bob,It was great as always attending your class. You have a great group with a lot of skill, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.Joe Marana

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