Class Notes – September 7, 2010

In attendance: Roderick, Joe, David, Brian, Asim, Ryan, Bryant, Frank, Bob, Tavon and prospective students Will and Brian (Tavon’s friend).

We spent the night on some tactical scenario training. Roderick, David and Ryan took turns walking down “the street” dealing with various encounters:

  • Roderick avoided the clumsy drunk (Frank) and the talkers (Tavon, his friend Brian, and Will), but forgot to defend himself when assaulted by the muggers (Joe and Bryant).
  • David did a pretty good job taking care of the muggers (Joe and Bryant), but also slashed the clumsy drunk (Frank) and the clueless tourist (Brian).
  • Ryan, accompanied by his wife Roderick, managed to avoid the jugglers (Asim and Tavon) and the drunk (Frank). Ryan shot the muggers (Joe and Bryant). Immediately afterward, Roderick stabbed the clueless tourist (Brian)!

The post-scenario assessments were interesting. The second round (David and Tavon’s friend Brian) went better as both sides learned from the initial go-round.


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