Hopkins researcher stabbed and killed

23-year-old medical researcher Stephen Pitcairn was walking home from the train station last week around 11:00 pm when he was stopped by an man and woman who demanded money. After he gave up his wallet, Pitcairn was stabbed in the chest. A nearby resident heard a scream and saw Pitcairn lying on his stomach. The resident called 911 and stayed with Pitcairn until he expired. At the time of the robbery, Pitcairn had been talking on the phone with his mother who reportedly overheard the entire event.Police arrested and charged Lavelva Merritt, 24, and John Alexander Wagner, 34, both of whom have long criminal records. According to detectives, Merritt reported that she and Wagner were out “hunting to rob someone.”


Class Notes – Apr 13/20/27, 2010

In attendance (April 13): Roderick, David, Michael F., Mosi, Phil, Brian, Martin, Ryan, Mike Q., Frank, Bob and Aaron.
In attendance (April 20): Roderick, David, Phil, Brian, Martin, Ryan, Bob, Mark, Aaron and Yale.
In attendance (April 27): Joe, David, Michael F., Devlin, Mosi, Phil, Brian, Martin, Ryan, Mike Q., Bob and Yale.

Each class was spent drilling AK knife tapping and the hit set followed by free flow, including two-on-one and three-on-one mass attack.