Class Notes – April 5, 2011

In attendance: Tyus, Brian, Asim, Ryan, Bryant, Frank, Bob, Tavon, Jon, Nancy and Jarod.

We briefly reviewed the templates we have been working on for the past few weeks, including 2 of 12 smoking knife:

  1. heart to femoral (“C”)
  2. heart to femoral (“C”)
  3. power assist to heart
  4. armpit
  5. perineum
  6. upward diagonal
  7. middle thyroid
  8. downward diagonal
  9. blue worm
  10. power assist to mandible
  11. ocular cavity
  12. base of spine

The remainder of class was spent in free flow, switching partners every 5 minutes or so.


Class Notes – August 10, 2010

Joe C. ran class while my family and I were on vacation …

Attendance: me, Dave, Mosi, Brian, Asim, Roderick

We worked the application draws from concealment as well as Tuhon Tom’s entry to draw drills and ended with a little light free flow in which the receiver tried to draw his blade from concealment in flow.Enjoy the beach!!!!


Congratulations to Abdi Farah, one of Joe’s former art students, who won Bravo’s Work of Art competition!


Class Notes – May 25, 2010

I almost forgot my anniversary this year! Luckily, Aaron stepped up and took over the class in my absence.

Attendees: Ryan, Brian, Frank & Aaron

First part of the class we worked triangle/hourglass footwork with and without striking & short blades. The remainder of the class was free flow. Frank and I worked with Ryan and Brain each during this time. We practiced single/double blade, drawing, striping, some panuntukan, grappling, footwork and “what if” scenario’s. Fun, fun, fun!

Oh, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! from everyone who attended class tonight!


Thanks Aaron!!!


Class Notes – May 4, 2010

Mosi and Frank ran class this evening … In attendance: Mosi and Frank (instructing), David, Brian, Mark and Martin.

Tonight Dr. Bob wasn’t able to attend class, so Frank and I were asked to step in and teach the class the Atienza Trapo Hit Set we had just learned from a recent seminar. Since we only had one handkerchief between the 6 of us, we improvised and taught the set using knives instead. Of course, since the reach of a knife is different from that of a “loaded hankerchief,” We had to adapt the template to knife: changing the targets slightly and the defenses a bit. After learning the hit set & getting a few reps in, we spent the last 7 minutes of class free flowing.