Class Notes – February 10, 2015 – 7-Count Passing Drill & Transition Drill 1

Instructing: Guro Joe & Guro Lem

In Attendance: Brian, Alex, Ryan, Asim, Bob, Dan, Lance, James & Sid

Students continued working on the 7-Count Passing Drill, building on the counters to the Receiver counters (counters to the counters) from last week.  Feeder Counters involved students identifying time/place to counter, as well as an understanding of how the Receiver counters work in order to best negate them.

New students continued working on Transition Drill 1 and installing 3 of 9, Scarecrowing the Vital Template.


Class Notes – February 17, 2015 – 7-Count Passing Drill & 3 of 9 Tapping

Instructing: GuroS Joe (plural)

In Attendance: Brian, Alex, Asim, Ryan, Bob, Dan, Lance & Sid

Students completed review/installation of Feeder Counters of the 7-Count Passing Drill.  While we do teach the “official” counters, both Guro Joe C. and myself have had the privilege of learning and training the system from multiple instructors so there were a variety (usually at least 2-3) options for each count.  As brought up by the class and discussed, sometimes the various options may occur at different times within the Receiver’s technique or may depend on the Feeder’s range and speed.  Lastly, students pulled both Receiver and Feeder counters from 3 of 9 Tapping.

Newer students installed and refined 3 of 9 Tapping, paying specific attention to targets, hand placement and body shifting/footwork.


Saturday Class Notes April 26, 2014

Attendance: Chris R., Catherine, Guro Joe C. instructing

No class last weekend for Easter break.  Today we covered two more reflexive grab counters and reviewed 3 of 9 template and tapping. We emphasized the importance of initiating verses reacting.  We also briefly discussed personal security in a crowded venue like the 1st Mariner center for the UFC fight tonight for those attending.


Saturday Class notes Mar. 8, 2014

Attendance: Chris, Catherine, Guro Joe C. instructing

We installed the first 5 counts of 3 of 9 tapping receiver side.  The receiver had blades in both hands.  We also covered basic grab counters including hand switch, OSH draw, and double elbow scoop. As always we practiced drawing and properly replacing from concealed carry.