Trauma First Response Course – February 3, 2013


In attendance: Joe C., Ann M., David D., Joe M., Alex C., Tricia T., Bob S., Lem T., Alex E., and Victor W.

Chris Van Houten, NREMT-P taught a one-day seminar covering principles of pre-hospital trauma life support. We learned how to recognize life threatening injuries and to correctly use potentially life saving medical items such as tourniquets and hemostatic agents. Turn out was great despite our scheduling the seminar for Super Bowl Sunday!


Holiday Tactical Gift Exchange 2012

L to R: Lem, Philip, Joe C., Ann, Chris R., Alex, Bethany, Bob S., Joe M., Tyus, Ryan, Mosi, David D. and Brian.

After class we headed to Tino’s for our annual gift exchange.

Coveted and not-so-coveted gifts included a framing hammer, a false teeth ice cube tray, a “learn to read” Brave storybook, partially disassembled tactical pen, an Atomic Robo trade paperback, a Ninja blender, used baseball bats, a knife disguised as lipstick, an armchair organizer, and Mace.

Happy holidays!


New Class Time!

It’s sort of like Daylight Savings Time, but not. Tuesday evening classes are shifting by half an hour.

Starting in June, class will run from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. See you there!