Bushcraft Basics – September 2017 – Fire Building and Shelter

Usually, we train with weapons or how to survive and protect our loved ones from violence. This time we were training a different skill-set. This past weekend we had the opportunity to learn from our very own instructor Guro Joe Cypressi on fire building and shelter. We had training hosted by Guro Joe Marana at an undisclosed area near his place. Brian, Ryan, and Guro Lem also attended the bushcraft basics class. First we learned how to build a fire. Making sure you pick the right wood was a very good lesson and making sure you had the wood ready to place in the fire. Later, we all teamed up to finish up the shelter that Guro Joe had started. He had started the frame of the shelter from a tree that was already leaning and we just build upon that. We didn’t have much leaves to use because summer was about to end, so we used grass to cover the shelter. In the end, we all had a good time learning the basics. Maybe one weekend we can go out for a night with family and show off our new skills.

Guro Joe C. trying our new built shelter