From Greg D. …

As a law enforcement officer I was looking for a martial arts program that would better prepare me for real life situations on the streets. I have tried several different styles of martial arts through out the years such as karate, brazilian jujitsu and wrestling. Nothing that I learned seemed to prepare me for an armed edged weapon encounter. Being a law enforcement officer, I encounter edged weapons more often than guns.

I was very pleased to find Guro Dr. Bob giving instruction in the Sayoc system. The Sayoc system is an edged weapons based martial art and gives excellent training in dealing with the threat of edged weapons. I would highly recommend Dr. Bob and Maharlika Martial Arts. Dr. Bob is an excellent practitioner of the Sayoc system, and no matter what level you have progressed to you will always have something new and challenging to learn.

Greg D. (19-year veteran police officer)


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